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Teneriffa Classic Cars - Archives - Détails de la voiture

Ford Super Deluxe Coupé V8

Détails techniques

Car: Ford De Luxe Coupe

Colour: black

Engine: 4.0 V8

Gearbox: manual gearbox

Type of drive: Rear-wheel drive

Fuel: Petrol

Power: 101 PS

Displacement: 3917 cm³

Top speed: 140 km/h

Description de la voiture

1. Condition and History:

In its original condition, this Ford DeLuxe Coupe 4.0 V8 manual transmission shines with pride. The careful preservation of its historic values makes it an authentic witness to days gone by.

2. Exterior Appearance:

With its deep, elegant colour and immaculate paintwork, this vehicle attracts all eyes. Its timeless beauty embodies the golden age of the automobile.

3. Interior and Equipment:

Inside, the DeLuxe Coupe offers seating comfort that makes the driving experience a luxurious one. The fine upholstery and attention to detail create an atmosphere of classic style and elegance. The steering wheel and gauges are fine examples of master craftsmanship.

4. Special Features:

This DeLuxe Coupe wears its historic features proudly. Every turn tells of an era when cars were works of art, and every drive becomes a journey into the past. Every detail has been carefully crafted to give this classic car a unique aura.

5. Personal Notes or Anecdotes:

During a sunny drive, I felt the V8 engine roar and the wind in my hair. This ride in the DeLuxe Coupe became an unforgettable memory in which the classic car was not just a car, but a companion that conveyed to me the joy of driving in days gone by in an incomparable way.

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