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Club rules

Tenerife Classic Cars Club

Agreement to the Club Constitution and adherence to the Club Rules are required to be a member of our Club.

1. Membership requirements::

  • Any person who is at least 18 years of age and has an interest in vintage vehicles and has read and acknowledges the club statutes.


2. Application procedure:

  • Interested parties must submit a written application for membership containing all the necessary information.


3. Payment of contributions:

  • The annual membership fee shall be 360 Euros and shall be charged for the period from the 1st month of joining to the 30th day of the 12th month of joining, which corresponds to a full year from the date of joining.

  • The membership fee is due individually for each member at the beginning of the membership.


4. Participation in events:

  • Members are encouraged to participate in club events such as meetings, rides, fairs and exhibitions.


5. Responsibility for classic cars:

  • Members should keep their vintage vehicles in good condition and ensure that they comply with legal requirements.


6. Respectful behaviour:

  • Members should behave respectfully and courteously towards other members and persons inside and outside the Club.


7. Security:

  • Safety is paramount. Members should ensure that their vintage vehicles are roadworthy and meet the required safety standards.

8. Knowledge exchange:

  • Members are encouraged to share their knowledge of vintage vehicles, restoration techniques and historical information.

9. Club resources:

  • Club resources, including club premises, tools or documentation, should be used with care and responsibility.


10. Compliance with the law:

  • Members should comply with all relevant laws and regulations associated with vintage vehicles and automotive activities.


11. Club communication:

  • Members should regularly check club communications to keep up to date and should actively participate in discussions and planning.


12. Code of Honour:

  • Members should be proud to be part of the Vintage Automobile Club and maintain the good reputation of the Club through their conduct and activities.


13. Cancellation of membership

  • Termination of membership may be effected by the member himself/herself as well as by the Executive Committee of the Club if a member violates the Club Rules.

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